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This is the links section of L&LP (the Free & Loyal Portuguese blog) in English. Edited by EDMUNDO BUARQUE and LEWIS WALKER, it presents a series of websites, blogs and documents with relevant texts on Whig or classical liberalism and the loyalist defense of traditional hereditary monarchy. Its aim is to defend the tradition of those classical liberal constitutionalists (Locke, Hume, Burke or Blackstone) to whom hereditary monarchy was a natural and fundamental part of a truly free and polyarchic order. This section is regularly updated.


Australians for Constitutional Monarchy

Canadian Loyalists (links)

Monarchy Today (official, UK)

The Constitutional Monarchy Association (UK)

The International Commission on Nobility and Royalty

The Iraqi Constitutional Monarchy Movement

The Monarchist League of Canada


Monarchy: Friend of Liberty. A Libertarian Case for Monarchy
By Leland B. Yeager

David Hume and hereditary monarchy
Hume explains why, in a perfect mixed form of government, the monarchy must be an hereditary institution.

The Liberty of Ancients Compared with that of Moderns
The 1816 essay by Benjamin Constant in which he compares the Ancient republican concept of Liberty with the modern, individualist, concept which grew up in European monarchies.


God save the Queen