quinta-feira, janeiro 22, 2009

O "bailout" em perspectiva histórica

No Inflation Data, um artigo muito interessante que compara os recentes bailouts ("borlas") do governo federal norte-americano com os grandes gastos públicos de toda a história da União (The Real Cost of the 2008 Bailout - Hyperinflation, por Olivier Garrett). Excertos:

«Three months before the recession was officially declared, Paulson and Bernanke have embarked on the largest bailout program ever conceived with the blessing of a lame-duck president and a complicit Congress - a program which so far will cost taxpayers $8.5 trillion. This staggering sum encompasses: loans backed by worthless assets ($2.3T), equity investments in bankrupt companies with negative net worth ($3.0T), and guarantees on crumbling derivatives and other hollow collateral ($3.2T).


As illustrated above, you can see that in today’s dollars, we have already committed to spending levels that surpass the cumulative cost of all of the major wars and government initiatives since the American Revolution.
Recently, the Congressional Research Service estimated the cost of all of the major wars our country has fought in 2008 dollars. The chart above shows that the entire cost of WWII over four to five years was less than half the current pledges made by Paulson and Bernanke in the last three months!»