quarta-feira, outubro 03, 2007

Comércio e imigração

Hans-Hermann Hoppe, «The case for free trade and restricted immigration» (Journal of Libertarian Studies vol.13 n.º2, Verão 1998, pp. 221-233): «(...) while someone can migrate from one place to another without anyone else wanting him to do so, goods and services cannot be shipped from place to place unless both sender and receiver agree. Trivial as this distinction may appear, it has momentous consequences. For free in conjunction with trade then means trade by invitation of private households and firms only; and restricted trade does not mean protection of households and firms from uninvited goods and services, but invasion and abrogation of the right of private households and firms to extend or deny invitations to their own property. In contrast, free in conjuction with immigration does not mean immigration by invitation of individual households and firms, but unwanted invasion or forced integration; and restricted immigration actually means, or at least can mean, the protection of private households and firms from unwanted invasion and forced integration. Hence, in advocating free trade and restricted immigration, one follows the same principle: requiring an invitation for people as for goods and services» (pp. 226-227).